Jesus and Mary Chain reissues

Along with the prime time Rolling Stones (1964-1973), The Jesus and Mary Chain are my favorite band of all time. Their first five albums have all been reissued by Rhino Records with bonus DVD footage of all their videos. Formed by Scottish brothers Jim and William Reid (both on vocals and guitars), the JAMC set the UK indie scene on fire in 1984/85 with a series of stunning singles including “Never Understand,” “Just Like Honey,” and “You Trip Me Up,” before releasing their debut album “Psychocandy” in November 1985. I was an exchange student in England that year and bought the album the day it came out and it has remained in my top 5 of all-time ever since! Psychocandy contains everything that’s cool about melodic ’60s guitar pop, along with a heavy dose of Velvet Underground jaded cool and lots of reverb and feedback. This is the template that pretty much inspired My Bloody Valentine and every shoegaze band since. The rest of the JAMC catalogue is phenomenal as well (though I’m still not fully sold on 1995’s countryish “Stoned and Dethroned”). 1987’s “Darklands” combines majestic pop nuggets like “April Skies” and “Happy When It Rains” with jaded downbeat rock gems like “Nine Million Rainy Days”. 1989’s “Automatic” is high octane rock ‘n’ roll, probably the most ‘conventional’ JAMC record but it contains some of their most beloved tunes such as “Blues From A Gun” and “Head On,” which was covered by The Pixies. 1992’s long-awaited “Honey’s Dead” holds it’s own with “Psychocandy” as the group’s tour de force with blissful and punishing groove heavy stunners like “Reverence” and “Rollercoaster” and dropdead amazing pop stunners like “Almost Gold”. Anyway, I bought the reissues of the first for (passed on “Stoned and Dethroned” for now) and the remastered sound is amazing. It’s like listening to the records all over again for the first time like those amazing Stones reissues from a few years ago.


What do you think?

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