Primal Scream – Riot City Blues

Some people have been slamming this record for being too retro, but what’s not too retro these days? Primal Scream have always worn their influences on their sleeves but somehow have made themselves sound vibrant almost all of the time with the exception of the subpar Evil Heat from a few years ago. Riot City Blues is a classic ’70s-themed rock ‘n’ roll record and by that I mean the good stuff like The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Lou Reed and Mott The Hoople. One of the bonus tracks is a punked up cover of Lennon’s stone classic “Gimme Some Truth,” which holds it’s own with the Generation X version. My favorite song on here is the slow burning “When The Bomb Drops,” featuring some mesmerizing guest guitar work from Will Sergeant of Echo and The Bunnymen. Quite similar feel to the 13th Floor Elevators’ ’60s psych classic “Rollercoaster” though not as obvious as the live version on You Tube which I posted a few months ago. Another great track is “Country Girl,” which is the best Rolling Stones song since the Stones stopped making good records about 30 years ago. With so much wussy indie rock around these days it’s nice to have a great big sounding rawk record to blast out of my speakers!


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