The People’s Revolutionary Choir

The two best new bands I’ve heard this year are The December Sound from Boston (more about them soon) and The People’s Revolutionary Choir from London. PRC have only one release to date, the fantastic single “Elevate”. “Elevate” is staggering — channeling everything that was ever cool about Spacemen 3, The Stooges and The Jesus and Mary Chain (and even a little bit of early U2) into three minutes of druggy bliss. The flip side “Salvation Blues” is a trippy slide guitar-based instrumental, while the CD version of the single has a third track entitled “Feel So Good,” which has a similar rockin’ vibe to “Elevate.” Jim Reid and Ben Lurie from the Jesus and Mary Chain are big PRC fans, producing early demos for the band and rumor has it that Bobby Gillespie, Kate Moss and the lads from Kasabian have attended gigs.

Check out the band’s website at:

And listen to “Elevate” over and over again on their MySpace page:


One comment

  1. I love this band. Elevate is such a phenomenal song. I love The Breeze That Blows, Take Your Time, and I'm sure I know a few other songs by TPRC, all fantastic. Looking fwd to hearing more from them & I'm watching them now, perhaps to write up on my own blog, but mostly for my own musical enjoyment…..nice PRs by the way, I also run, but not competetively, only to be in motion & feel the breeze that blows…… 😉


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