The December Sound

(Parts of this write up are from a review I wrote for the forthcoming issue of The Big Takeover magazine). Boston’s December Sound are perhaps the best unsigned band on the planet right now. Their latest effort, the “Kill Me” EP is their best release yet. The monstrous title track alone is well worth the price of admission, a six-minute wig out that blends the best of Vanishing Point and XTRMNTR-era Primal Scream, The Jesus & Mary Chain circa Honey’s Dead, and the trippier elements of The Verve. And speaking of the JAMC, the last track on this all-too-brief disc is an excellent cover of “Reverence,” which is even more frenzied than the original! The other two tunes here are the Slowdive-ish “Reminder” and the high-octane Stooges-styled rocker “Maker. ” Like London’s People’s Revolutionary Choir who I raved about awhile back on this blog, The December Sound are giving psychedelic rock ‘n’ roll a kick in the teeth that was last evident in the early ’90s when British bands like Ride, JAMC, Adorable, Swervedriver etc. put out all those legendary records. And any band that poses with a badass boombox and parkas is alright with me!


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