Race Report: Eagle Run

Ran a great race on what had to have been a long course. My time was 29:46 and I was 10th overall and second in the masters category. Considering the 80% humidity, running only 10 seconds slower than my PR was nothing to complain about… but, I think I may have actually run something more like 29:15. After running my first 3 miles in 6:03, 5:50, 5:50, I suddenly supposedly slowed down to a 6:20 before recouping and finishing in 5:43. Thing is I felt like I was running slightly faster in my last two miles due to my conservative start and I passed three people like they were standing still in that fourth mile. Everyone I talked to had an equally out of whack fourth mile. The winner, Matt Folk from Team Good River, who blazed the course in 25:12 was 5:30 on that mile and he’s a low 24 kind of guy.
Anyway, road racing can be a crap shoot. I know I’m in great shape and the training has been going great. Due to my work schedule being less than ideal lately I’ve been doing about 45 miles a week with a midweek long interval session and a weekend long run of about 12 miles with the last 4-5 @ tempo effort. This seems to be working well for me while I work 45-50 hours a week for the “man”.


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