Bay Days 5 Mile: 28:53!

Well, I busted my masters 5 mile PR in a big way. I could sense that this was coming. My training has been going great and I was convinced that the course where I ran 29:46 back in May was about 30-35 seconds long. Yesterday’s race validated it. Everything really came together for me. Perfect weather — about 70F with low humidity; a flat, fast course; great competition; and I was well rested. I went out conservative as usual for the first mile in 6:07 before upping it a notch and then it was an endless a parade of passing people until the 3 mile mark when there was a guy way ahead of me left to chase down. He was a masters guy I had never beaten before and I managed to catch him with about half a mile to go. I was 17th overall and 3rd in 40-44 (4th master). My splits were: 6:07, 11:55 (5:48), 17:33 (5:38), 23:16 (5:43), 28:53 (5:37).


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