A shout out to BMLC’s Stephen Magee

This past weekend my BMLC teammate Stephen Magee broke 18:00 for the first time as a masters runner with a stellar 17:59 at the Dogfish Head Dash in Delaware, capturing First Place in the Masters Division. Stephen is the world’s biggest fan of Dogfish Head Beer so it’s appropriate that he won their race! Here’s his race report, followed by a report of the weekend festivities:

It was a tough day strong wind from the North 15 mph. I was so geeked up for the race. I ran too hard the first mile 5:34 wind clocking around the back. Then the 2nd mile dead into the wind. I was 5th at the mile. A pack of 11 or so came up on me including my pal Brooks. He said it too nice a pack to let go, so he drafted up to me. By the time they reached me it had shredded to 4 people. Brooks passed me at the turn-around and I quickly came back on him. The rest of the pack dropped like bricks. I increased pace and was closing on the kids in-front of me but they had too big a lead. I was 5th over-all and first masters. Brooks won the 40-49 age group in 18:36. If I had better control and less beer in me I would have been about 10 seconds faster, but I was pleased. After a weekend of drinking and playing it was a great result. Another note Jennifer won the women’s over-all (top 25 over-all I think). Her first ever over-all win! clocking 19:55 respectable for her, but not a PR like myself. All the fans were cheering for the first Women. We even got a picture with Sam after the race! He was so excited for us! This year the 5k and 10K had some real runners I think the 10k winner was 36:03! I think I would have been 3rd if I ran the 10K, but I was in no shape http://www.dogfish.com/news/2007_Dogfish_Dash_Winners!/962/index.htm If you look in the picture at the start I am right under the starters arm with my orange hat and BMLC singlet! The picture is of me at the finish!

Weekend Report:

I had no idea that I was a celebrity at Dogfish Head. They rolled out the royal welcome for me! We got treated to meals, excellent beer, behind the scene tour of the brewery, I was interviewed for a local paper! The manager of the brewpub comped us a $100.00 bottle of 2004 World Wide Stout! Clause treated us to dinner and so much great beer, even had us over to his house! Even the Chocolate infused Vodka they make. It was a super weekend. They gave me so much swag! and a few collectors only bottles of beer. I was even given a 6 pak of IPA 90 that they can’t sell because it came in too high on ABV! I have that for special occasions only (but I am dying to taste it)! I will have pictures to follow and the newspaper article in a week or so. It was a great weekend. I hope some fellow BMCL’s can make the trip next year! I will be trying to get more people out there. The ocean Kayak tour was a great hit. Next year they are going to comp me the Kayak trip! It was amazing! The weekend was too good. Next year I will take off Friday and Monday so I can party after the race. It was so hard to leave!


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