Led Zeppelin: A Young Man’s Rite of Passage

The New Led Zeppelin best of Mothership got me thinking that more than any band I can think of, Led Zeppelin is a young man’s gateway drug into the world of rock ‘n’ roll. Seems like almost every junior high boy gets into Led Zeppelin at some point — especially those in the Midwest — and they’re usually introduced to the band by some guy who has a ‘cool’ older brother. This has been going on since the ’70s with no end in site. A 25-year-old co-worker just bought the complete Led Zeppelin on i-Tunes and as I could hear “When The Levee Breaks” cranking from his desk, I thought at least good rock ‘n’ roll will last even as the industry is on its last legs. I can guarantee that in 20 years time no one is going to be playing freaking Rogue Wave at their desk at work.


What do you think?

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