Holiday Beer Reviews

My pal Stephen Magee was kind enough to taste test and review a bunch of cool beers:

Tis the season for the Holiday Beer reviews:

Out of the blocks my favorite Michigan brewery comes in with two heavy, heavy hitters! Founders of Grand Rapids brings you holiday cheer with a wet hopped beer called Harvest Ale, this beer is on the wave of the new additions of wet hopped ales. With a smooth yet good wallop of hops this beer will make you smile and beg for more. At rate my you can find this brew at a healthy 97/96. I would rather drink a beer than smack it with a number. A true hop-head will enjoy the taste and the novice will get a mouthful of flavor that begs the question why do I not have two? If this is too tame for your gaster, bring in the “Old Curmudgeon Ale” in the squat Founders bottle this brew aged for two years this brings a smack to your mouth that is welcome among the mediocre beers of the season. ABV 9.3% and IBU 50. A deep brown unfiltered beer greets you with a “How’s Life”! Try a few if you are at home or out only with a Designated Driver!

Anchor Steam comes in with a tasty spicy brew that greets the holiday season. As always they put out a brew with a different mix each holiday season. Grab a six and enjoy with friends always a welcome holiday brew. This is the 33rd year of a holiday brew from Anchor and it will tingle your taste buds and warm your belly! Drink up and you will have a bigger belly to enjoy a few more! Found in 6-packs and Magnums . This beer is well worth a taste and then another! A holiday tradition get a few and ring in the New Year!

A new addition to my list of very nice Stouts is the Brooklyn Brewing Companies “Black Chocolate Stout”. This beer will wake up your glass and give you a nice kick. At only $9.00 a 6-pack well worth the price. I am not a big fan of the BBC beers, yet this seasonal beer brings out some flavor! With over a 10% ABV this beer drinks smooth and finishes with the best of them. Grab a 6-pack or a case and you will bring any party a much needed boost. Core stout drinkers will enjoy the rich complex taste. The novice will enjoy the chocolate and then enjoy the beer. Not to be missed. If price is a consideration this is the holiday brew for you.

Last a nice pair from Dogfish Head! If you like going to the extreme, please strap in and grab an “Olde School Barleywine”. This beer is over the top! Smooth and full of flavor! Not to be missed! At over 15% ABV this packs a punch. Brewed with dates and figs it is great for the holiday season. Put out some soft Brie and pour a few glasses! Enjoy!!! Also from DFH is the release of “Golden Era” formerly known as ‘Golden Shower” this beer is the only Pilsner beer from DFH and at 9% ABV a treat to the drinker of the traditional American sub-par pilsner. Grab a 4-pack and drink up. Crisp and clean with taste, something new for a pilsners.

Just a holiday smattering for all. As always drink more and experiment more, expand your selection and your friends! All the best for 2008!

-Peace Stephen


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