Beer of the Moment: Kentucky Breakfast Stout

(By Stephen Magee) OK if you can run as fast as you can to a store that carries great beer and buy this beer! Better yet ask your neighbor for his hummer, mortgage your house (it will hit your wallet hard at $20-24.00 a four pak) and drive to the store and buy as much as you can. If you are a fan of beer you will know this one, it has been rated and called by some the best beer in America, the best stout in the world, and some other very flattering names. I think it may be the best stout I have ever had. Last night I had several friends over with refined beer palates and they were Wowed by this one. This is the Founder’s “Kentucky Breakfast” a stout that is aged for two years in Bourbon barrels. You will get a strong undertone of bourbon in each sip. Who thinks of ideas like this? It is very dark in color almost black, and very smooth with many complex flavors to enjoy while you sip this beverage. ABV 10%, IBU 25, Founders recommends that you warm to at least 42 and serve in a brandy snifter style glass. Heck it is even great tasting from a pint glass. If you buy one beer this year make it this beer. I give it my highest marks. Just stop reading this and go get some. It will be gone soon.


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