Race Report: Old Oak Run 5K

Another 5K and another ‘long’ course and I’ve got the proof below! Anyway, today I was 4th overall and the 3rd master at the Old Oak Run 5K. I ran a solid even paced race, hitting 5:34 at the mile and 11:05 at the 2-mile. Those splits felt right based on recent workouts I’ve run, so I knew if I just held form that I would most likely get a nice masters PR. Somehow I ended up with a 17:31, which I know had to be off a bit as I definitely didn’t slow down to 6:00 pace at the end! Anyway, the top master was my Team Good River teammate Ron Dorfeld who ran a 17:06. He clocked the following data. As you can see, Ron hit the actual 5K mark in 16:44, which means I was at 17:09 more or less:

Well, once again Hermes Sports changes a course around and screws up the overall distance. My Garmin had the course at 3.18, and below is the exported .GPX file to MapMyRun.com that had the course at 3.2 miles!


With Sport Tracks training log you are able to pick up a split anywhere during the run using a GPS waypoint. The one below shows my actual 5K time was 16:44 which is more in line with the way it felt.



One comment

  1. I ran the Old Oak on 4/19 and my Garmin read 3.2 miles. I’m not sure how courses are measured but when I ran the Fall Classic 1/2 last November my Garmin had me pegged at a tenth of a mile longer than the race course. Seems like these races should be certified to be accurate.


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