R.I.P. Christopher

I’m too shocked to really say anything right now, but my friend Christoper Tucker, who was the singer and songwriter for the Philadelphia band The Situation passed away on July 25th. I put out his band’s two CDs, The Reece Nasty EP and The Situation on my label, Elephant Stone Records, and I’ll always remember the times that I hung out with them, especially when The Situation played an Elephant Stone Records showcase at The Beachland in Cleveland with The Volta Sound and New Planet Trampoline and the great post-gig party we had at our place afterwards. R.I.P. Christopher and I hope you’re in a better place. Love, Ben.



  1. I have both of those CD’s.I saw them at the Khyber it most have been 8 years ago now.I can’t seem to get this tear out of my eye.the songs will play forever.Peace Chris Fraley


  2. hey ben, man, i’m pretty speechless myself. this past week was really weird, i can’t stop thinking about it. i do feel blessed i knew him the little that i did. that trip i took out to cleveland for the elephant stone showcase weekend bonanza was one of the best times i’ve ever had. we’ll have those memories for the rest of our lives.christopher was an original and i’m really gonna miss not ever talking to him again.ryan


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