10K PR

Ran an 18 second masters 10K PR with a 36:06 (5:49 per mile pace) at the Meteor 10K in Dearborn, Michigan on Saturday. Really happy with the result as it was 34F and very windy at race time. Can’t seem to catch a break weatherwise this Spring! It seemed like the wind was getting us from all sides during the race, but I’ll definitely take the performance. Ran a smart even paced race, holding back in the first mile (5:57) before running everything else in the 5:45-5:50 range. I was 6th master and 26th overall in a very competitve race. As I ran very even, I was constantly picking off people throughout the race who went out too hard. I thought I was 5th master because I outkicked a masters guy from Michigan in the final stretch, but his chip time ended up being 0.1 seconds better than mine so he placed higher than me. I’ve never had that happen to me in a race before, but whatever.



  1. I did the half marathon on Sunday and set a new PR as well. The men's winner finished in 1:06. Wow! I got to see him blazing away 10 minutes in front of everyone else because of the out & back course. It was a great morning for a race. I'm SO glad it wasn't today, as I woke up to about four inches of new snow.


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