The Cult – Love reissue

Originally released in 1985, Love was one of the best rock ‘n’ roll albums of the ’80s and still sounds great today. The Cult began their career as The Southern Death Cult, but by the time of their 1984 debut Dreamtime they began to shed a lot of their early goth influences and were much more in tune with the likes of Led Zeppelin, who would become an even more obvious influence on Love. Like Jim Morrison, Vocalist Ian Astbury was a tad overly fascinated with Native American lyrical themes (no mistake that he was invited to sing for the reformed Doors a few years ago!), but The Cult rock much harder than the Doors ever did. Love (and Dreamtime) remain The Cult’s finest moment. The singles “She Sells Sanctuary” and “Rain” sound as thunderous today as when I first heard them as a youngster and the re-mastering here gives them even more punch. Other highlights are the Stooges-like “Phoenix” and, of course, the anthemic opener “Nirvana.” The expanded addition is well worth it for a bonus disc that includes all of the original 12″ mixes of the singles, plus the B-sides, while the accompanying booklet has quite extensive liner notes and interviews.


What do you think?

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