Bunch of Beer

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a beer review, so I’m cheating a bit here! Everything in this picture was really good, so here’s the brief rundown going from left to right:

1) Heavy Seas Mutiny Fleet Siren Noire:  Imperial Chocolate Stout. Not as candy-like as Young’s Double Chocolate, but then nothing really is. This is more of a sipping kind of beer with a good amount of kick.

 2) Smuttynose Shoal Pale Ale: Very smooth. Like an IPA but not nearly as hoppy. A nice beer to have with dinner or to have if you want more than a few!

 3) Monk’s Blood: Belgian style dark ale brewed by 21st Amendment in Cold Springs, Minnesota. Dark Red hue, hence the name Monk’s Blood. Mild spicey flavorings, including nutmeg and cinnamon. Comes in a very attractive box, which contains four cans inside.

4) Scotty Karate: Very nice scotch ale. I’ve had this in a snifter at the Buckeye Beer Engine before, but never in a bottle. Very strong at 9.75% alc., but surprisingly smooth with a smokey flavor, not unlike a high end scotch.

5) Great Divide Titan IPA: Just a really nice IPA. If you like the Dogfish Head 60 minute or 90 minute IPAs, or any of the IPA from Lagunitas, you’ll definitely dig this.


One comment

  1. Looks like the interior of my fridge…

    Dark Horse Brewing is about 50 minutes away from my home. I go there often (it's not too far to go for great beer) to sample the wares. After the Michigan Winter Beer Festival they had an imperial stout on tap which was outstanding, but my favorite of theirs remains Tres Blueberry Stout.


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