Trying to Stay Strong

It feels weird just writing this, but this week, we found out that my wife has a cancerous tumor on her thigh. The medical term for this is Liposarcoma. It came out of nowhere less than two months ago. At first we thought it was just a bruise, but when it didn’t go down, Bella went to her doctor. An MRI and biopsy later and we got the rather shocking news on Monday. Yesterday she met with an oncologist and had a cat scan and full body scan,  and next week she’ll start on a five-week course of radiation, which will hopefully shrink the tumor so it can be removed at the end of August. We’re taking this day to day. I feel like I’m in one of those bad dreams that you can’t get out of but I know I have to be super strong to help Bella pull through. I’ve never been a very religious person and I’m scared beyond belief to be honest.



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