A Few Updates

A few life updates listed in order of importance:

1) No Chemo!!!! This is big. A few days ago, we learned that Bella won’t have to undergo any chemo treatment. We were relieved to learn that the cancer is only in the isolated spot on her thigh and that it hasn’t spread anywhere else.  This week Bella starts on radiation treatments, which will last for five weeks and then the plan is to remove the tumor and hopefully that will be the end of the cancer forever. Just taking this day to day because it’s going to be rough for Bella and she will feel tired and fatigued and have some side effects. Thanks a million to all the support we’ve received from family and friends.

2) Kittens! Last Monday, we adopted two kittens from the Cleveland APL, a two-month old boy named Ike and a four-month old girl named Tina. Tina is on the left and Ike is on the right. It still feels very weird without Milkshake around, but having two energetic kittens running around all day, definitely makes the house livelier.

3) Running The running is going pretty well though obviously taking a back seat in terms of life priorities. I’m not sweating it if I miss a day or two here and there. Strangely enough, I’ve actually been running better on reduced volume over the last month. I’ve been trying to focus on staying in tune with the main energy systems for racing well at 5K-10K each week: a) a longer run; b) something strength oriented like a tempo run or mile repeats at 10K/15K effort; and c) something faster like hill repeats. I think I’m going to do a 5K in Independence on August 7 and then definitely start my fall racing season with the Northcoast Challenge 5-miler, which is one of my two or three favorite Cleveland races.


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