Twinsburg Turkey Trot Race Report

Ran pretty well this morning on a very tough 5 mile road/trail course finishing 7th overall (2nd master) in 30:25 (6:05 pace). You can click on the image to your left to check out the course map and elevation profile. The first 2 miles are especially tough. Fortunately, I did not go out too hard and I reeled in a lot of people on the huge climb during mile two as well as a few more on the rolling miles 2-4. pretty happy with my continued progress this fall. The last 3 weeks I’ve started to feel like my old self and hopefully that will continue for the rest of the year. Not sure what will be my next race, but I’d like to do a shorter tune up before Seattle, preferably on a flat course! Today was a good cross country gut check. Next week I’ll run short and easy on Monday, longer on Tuesday and Thursday and most likely do a tempo workout on Saturday. I have a sports massage lined up for Friday morning, so I should feel good for the tempo.


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