10 albums I liked in 2011 (part 1)

I’m too old and tired to bother with detailed best-of lists anymore but below are videos from ten records/downloads I enjoyed this year. Not ranked, just posted off the top of my head. Enjoy. I’ll post 5 videos today and 5 more tomorrow.

The Spectrals “Get A Grip” from Bad Penny (Slumberland Records). Nice indie pop reminiscent of Prefab Sprout in their heyday.

Wooden Shjips “Lazy Bones” from West (Thrill Jockey). Killer stoner rock grooves from SF psych rock veterans.

Moon Duo “Seer” from Mazes (Sacred Bones). Speaking of Wooden Shjiips, I like this side project record even more than West. VERY Spacemen 3, Stooges etc.

Beady Eye “The Roller” from Different Gear, Still Speeding (Dangerbird). Liam’s post-Oasis venture. The best songs on here are epics like the below, which hold their own with his old band’s classics.

Comet Gain “Clang of the Concrete Swans” from Howl of the Lonely Crowd ( What’s Your Rupture?). That said, the best band from Britain bar none these days is Comet Gain.


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