San Francisco

Had a great visit to San Francisco for my wife Bella’s art opening. Our hosts Kathleen and George were awesome and the weather couldn’t have been better for trips to wine country, Half Moon Bay, and general exploring in the city. The running here is incredible. My favorite spot was Crystal Springs near San Mateo (see photo above as I head out for a run). The park has 6 miles of paved trails going over rolling hills with some amazing scenery. Every half-mile is clearly marked too, which is perfect for intervals/tempo workouts. I also did some running in Golden Gate Park, which was a 5 minute jog from the motel we stayed at while in the city for the opening. It’s San Francisco’s equivalent of Central Park, but 20% bigger. I could definitely get used to living in the Bay Area. Fitness wise, I’m feeling good. The two 9 milers I did at Crystal Springs were in the 7:10-7:20 range while keeping my heart rate easily in the 60-70% of heart rate reserve target range. I’m hoping I can catch a break here with the weather and get in a good 3 mile tempo to see where I’m at for a 90% HR test.


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