Happy New Year!

Just a few updates as I haven’t really been posting too much.

1) Running is actually going very well. I haven’t raced since August (pretty busy this fall with book release stuff) but I’m in pretty good shape. The legs seem to like me for taking a redshirt season. I’ve been doing some slightly different types of workouts right now (Hanson’s inspired) that are more strength oriented. See my running2win log link above if interested. I want to get in a few fast 5ks this Spring before embarking on my book store, which brings me to:

2) Writing. Wivenhoe Park is doing well. Really happy with the press so far as well as customer reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. I’ll be doing signing events in Charlotte, Meridian, and New Orleans for sure and possibly Oxford, Miss. and Birmingham, Ala.


1) Keep my sub 18:00 5K streak going another year.

2) Finish my second novel and aim for an early 2015 release date. I’m about 15,000 words into the new one — working title is Portholes For Bono. Darker vibe to this one. If Wivenhoe Park was my Psychocandy, this is most definitely Darklands.

3) Read more — I’ve taken up a reading challenge on Goodreads.

4) Listen to more music by newer/younger groups.


What do you think?

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