Book Tour and more

The Southern Book tour has been lined up (see image below). The venues are all really excited about the book — some of the bars, who  are hosting events are even creating special drinks. R Bar in New Orleans is going to have something called a Swervedriver and Three Sheets to the Kevin Shields! In other news, I’ve been working hard on my next novel, which may be finished sooner rather than later. Bloomsbury, the folks who publish the super cool 33 1/3 series have just announced a call for entries. Most of the books are standard rock criticism/analysis of the classic album in question, but a few of the books in the series such as Joe Pernice’s Meat is Murder and John Niven’s Music From Big Pink are short novels. I’ve decided to submit a proposal for a novel centered around Whipping Boy’s legendary Heartworm, which came out in October 1995. The thing is I’ve already written a good chunk of this as a sequel of sorts to Wivenhoe Park. In fact, my working title had been Portholes For Bono, which is taken from the lyrics of one of the songs on Heartworm. Coincidence or what? On top of that I did an extensive interview with Whipping Boy back in the day for my magazine Vendetta — pure gold for this book! The proposal is due in early March and the Bloomsbury site will provide a link to all the submissions after that time. I’ll provide an update when available. I won’t get an answer for 2-4 months, so I pretty much have to write this even if it does get rejected. The series is very competitive. In any case this book will come out either via Bloomsbury or Cooperative Trade (Wivenhoe Park publisher).


What do you think?

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