Something about running

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a running post, but it’s also been awhile since I’ve raced. 13 months to be exact. I have been training, but when you’re not training for anything in particular it’s easy to lose focus here and there. Saturday was a gut check. I decided it was time to sign up for a race and actually compete. Overall, I’m pretty happy with the way things went. I ran 19:23 for 5K (6:14 per mile pace) and my splits were super even. I was 12:28 at the 2 mile mark and held the same pace tot he finish. This means that while  much slower than I have been in awhile, I at least still have a solid sense of pacing and race rhythm. I ended up 4th overall. The first 3 guys were all under 18 minutes and the guy behind me was about twenty seconds back. I passed him with about a mile to go. It was fun getting in there and mixing it up again. Next up is another 5K on the same course in Lakewood Park on October 25. Hopefully I can make a significant improvement to my time. I’ve already penciled in a good 5-week training block to get ready.

What do you think?

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