Vendetta Magazine: Easter Rising Edition

From 1995 – 2002 I published a fanzine called Vendetta. I’m proud of the interviews I conducted back in the day, especially ones with artists who weren’t getting much press in the USA, even in non-mainstream outlets. I’ve decided to scan and re-post some of these on a semi-regular basis with themes in mind. Because today is Easter, I thought I’d start with Ireland and two seminal bands, Cork’s Frank and Walters and Dublin’s Whipping Boy, the latter who inspired my recent second novel Heartworm.

Whipping Boy 


The Whipping Boy interview was conducted with guitarist Paul Page, just after the self-titled third and final album saw the light of day in 2000 (the group actually broke up in 1998 immediately after finishing the recording).

Whipping Boy 1
Whipping Boy 2
Whipping Boy 3

Frank and Walters

I saw Frank and Walters play Boston seven times in 1998, while they took up residency in New York to promote their new album Grand Parade, which was released on the esteemed Setanta imprint, the label who also discovered two other huge favorites of mine: Into Paradise and Power of Dreams.

Frank and Walters 1
Frank and Walters 2

Coming soon: The Dig Edition, featuring two interviews with Anton Newcombe of Brian Jonestown Massacre and one with Courtney Taylor and Peter Holmstrom of Dandy Warhols.




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