Vendetta Magazine: Spacemen 3 edition

Spacemen 3 rate as one of my all-time favorite bands and though I never did an interview with the group during their 1986-1991 heyday, I was able to secure interviews with the two founding members Sonic Boom and Jason Pierce later on in their careers when Sonic went on to form Spectrum along with other side projects and Jason formed Spiritualized.

Spacemen 3 


While I had seen Sonic perform with Spectrum and E.A.R. a few times in the ’90s, it wasn’t until 2002 that I got to spend some time with him. The following interview took place in 2002 in Los Angeles in the back garden of painter Anthony Ausgang’s house. We hung out and drank cups of tea in the hot California sun, while Sonic smoked countless hand-rolled cigarettes, and I let the recorder roll. This interview is more or less a full-on discussion about the legacy of Spacemen 3 as Sonic was touring at this time as Spectrum “playing songs the Spacemen taught us.”

Also included in these pages is a  sidebar chat that Vendetta writer Kitten Vile had with Sonic about some of his more experimental side projects.




The following 1997 interview with Jason was conducted by Vendetta contributor Mike Gill, who was also a member of excellent Ann Arbor shoegaze/space rock band Miss Bliss.






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