Vendetta Magazine: Go-Betweens edition

In 1999-2000 I interviewed three members of legendary Aussie band The Go-Betweens. The first chat took place in June 1999 with co-vocalist and guitarist Robert Forster before a show at the Paradise Club in Boston. Forster and co-vocalist/guitarist Grant McLennan had recently reunited to do a tour in promotion of a Best-Of album called Bellavista Terrace, which compiled highlights from the band’s spectacular 1982-1988 career. The gig was billed as Forster and McLennan but one could sense that a comeback was in the works. Immediately after that interview, I phoned former Go-Betweens bass player Robert Vickers, who played on three of the groups albums during their heyday. At the time he was working as a publicist for Jetset Records and we were often in touch with each other. That interview ran alongside the Forster piece in Vendetta 13 The final interview took place the next year with guitarist and co-vocalist Grant McLennan when the band did indeed release a brand new album called The Friends of Rachel Worth. Enjoy!










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