Vendetta Magazine: Bomp! Edition

I’ve had a few requests to post an interview Bryan Thomas conducted with Bomp! Records founder, the late Greg Shaw, back in 1999 for Vendetta #13. Greg might be most famous for all of those fantastic Pebbles garage rock compilations he put out through the years, but he was also a champion of new talent. He put out a bunch of the early Brian Jonestown Massacre albums along with early recordings by The Warlocks, and a huge personal favorite of mine, the debut album by L.A.’s smallstone.

In addition to Bryan’s Shaw feature, I’ve included an interview I conducted with smallstone frontman James Ambrose back in 2000 on my first week in L.A. The two of us where sitting on some steps in the parking lot outside of Three of Clubs on a beautiful summer evening with me just letting the recorder role.  It was an eventful week. I interviewed smallstone, BJM, and BRMC, saw Outrageous Cherry and Jim Reid’s post-JAMC outfit Freeheat and got together with my wife of 15 years! To this day, the LA scene from ’99 to about ’03 remains one of my favorites of all-time. Look for future interviews in these pages with BRMC, Beachwood Sparks, The Tyde, and Sunstorm.













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