Vendetta Magazine: Mary Chain and Roses edition

Back in ’98 I interviewed Ian Brown of the Stone Roses while he was promoting his then brand new debut solo album Unfinished Monkey Business. Not surprisingly, we talked a lot about his old band and scars that hadn’t healed with partner-in-crime John Squire. He had some interesting things to say about the Roses’ impact on newer British bands like Oasis and Embrace as the 10th anniversary of their highly influential debut approached. In the same issue, I talked to another legendary act, The Jesus and Mary Chain, who had just released their sixth (and to this day, last) album Munki on Sub Pop in the USA, Creation in the UK. I spoke with guitarist Ben Lurie who had joined the band prior to the recording of their 1992 classic Honey’s Dead. JAMC are my all-time favorite band, so it was a real thrill to feature them in my old ‘zine. When I saw them play in Boston on the Munki tour, I thought for sure it was for the last time, especially when the band broke up in Hollywood the next week! But that’s another story.

The Jesus and Mary Chain



Ian Brown / Stone Roses




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