Vendetta Magazine: Pernice Brothers

I interviewed Pernice Brothers frontman Joe Pernice twice for Vendetta. The first time was just after the release of his group’s 1998 Sub Pop debut Overcome With Happiness. The second time was a year later for Joe’s side project Chappaquiddick Skyline. Vendetta closed shop in 2002, but Joe has continued to make fantastic music throughout this decade as well as writing two fantastic novels. His debut novel Meat Is Murder was an especially HUGE inspiration for me when I started writing fiction. I got to know Joe a little bit back in the day since they played so many Boston shows (the group was then based in Northampton, Mass.). If you’re a fan of Big Star, Teenage Fanclub, the Zombies and the more orchestrated side of the Beach Boys, Penice Brothers ought to be right up your alley.


Pernice Brothers 1998


Chappaquiddick Syline/Joe Pernice 1999




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