Sunset Trip Publication News

I haven’t updated this blog since October, so a lot of news to catch up with, namely, that Sunset Trip has been completed and will be published worldwide by UK-based Obliterati Press. The guys who run the company — Nathan O’Hagan and Wayne Leeming — are excellent authors in their own right and huge music fans, a perfect fit for Sunset Trip. Right now we’re at the finalizing edits, working on cover art, getting cool back cover quotes stage — my lips are sealed on who has agreed to provide a quote for now. As for the back cover description, Nathan came up with this:

It’s 1999, and former music journalist Drew, out of rehab, is trying to hold down a soul-sapping day job, and struggling to come to terms with another failed relationship. Reconnecting with a musician friend, Drew is given the chance to relocate to L.A. and a path back into the music industry. But will this move be Drew’s last shot at fulfilment, or drag him back into the rock’n’roll heart of darkness?

Like my previous two novels, lots of real musicians/bands make cameos. Sunset Trip will include concert scenes from the likes of BJM, B.R.M.C, Beachwood Sparks, the Warlocks, and the Tyde. More updates to come!


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