Music From Sunset Trip: Beachwood Sparks

My friend Bryan Thomas turned me on to Beachwood Sparks via a mix tape c. ’98 when I was still living in Boston. During this time, he was writing a column for my fanzine Vendetta called ‘Notes From The Left Coast’ regaling my mostly East Coast and UK readers with tales from the Los Angeles underground, featuring then unknown bands such as Beachwood Sparks, B.R.M.C. The Warlocks, and The Tyde. A few months later, Bomp! Records would send me a review copy of Beachwood Sparks’ debut single “Desert Skies.” When the group’s stellar self-titled debut saw the light of day in Y2K, Bryan wrote the extensive cover story, which you can read below. Just before I moved to Los Angeles, I saw Beachwood Sparks play at the famed Middle East club and I introduced myself to Brent Rademaker. I would see the group play numerous times when I lived in L.A. Fast forward to May 2018 and I happened to catch up with Brent again while on holiday in Scotland, catching his current group GospelbeacH in Glasgow. All these years later, he mentioned how much he loved Bryan’s article! The group make a cameo in my forthcoming novel Sunset Trip and there is even a chapter entitled ‘Desert Skies’.


Beachwood Sparks


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