London Launch at Rough Trade Records

I’ve blogged a lot in the past about how much my experience of living in England in 1985-1986 changed the course of my life and made me want to dedicate my life to rock ‘n’ roll, so it was a dream of a lifetime to get my new novel Sunset Trip published by a UK company, Obliterati Press, and to have my launch party at the esteemed Rough Trade Records in London. I remember telling an ex back in the eighties that in the future I would work for record labels, music magazines, and even have a book published (wonder what she thinks now?). Back then, long before I took a detour into writing fiction in 2012, I assumed that it would be an anthology of my music articles, but I feel like I finally found my true voice in my three rock ‘n’ roll novels — I promise there will be more to come. It hasn’t always been glamorous — like the vast majority of creative people I’ve worked my share of jobs that I’ve hated/tolerated to pay the bills, make sure I have health coverage etc. But as I often remind myself, no one ever dreams of working in an office, it’s just something you have to do sometimes.

London was a blast. I got to finally meet Nathan O’ Hagan from Obliterati in the flesh. It was a blast to hang out with him! He’s an outstanding novelist in his own right, as is his partner-in-crime, M.W.. Leeming. The evening before the event, I attended another event at Rough Trade where Bobby Gillespie from Primal Scream talked about his new album of unearthed Memphis recordings. During the talk, he mentioned that rock ‘n’ roll and his love for it has never let him down. I feel the same way. It was a good thing to hear the night before my event.

Photo Oct 18, 12 36 33 PM (2)

Photo Oct 18, 1 12 35 PM (1)
At Rough Trade with the legendary David Christian from Comet Gain
Photo Oct 18, 2 11 37 PM
Onstage with Ashley Norris
Photo Oct 18, 12 01 25 PM (1)
With Nathan from Obliterati
Photo Oct 18, 7 46 17 AM (1)
With our dear friend Mel Butler

Photo Oct 19, 10 19 44 AM

Photo Oct 20, 9 55 44 AM
Sister Ray Records in London.
Photo Oct 18, 12 38 53 PM
Rough Trade event board
Photo Oct 18, 1 06 16 PM
Rough Trade rest room

The Rough Trade event went well. Mojo Mills from Shindig magazine DJed before and after the talk and played a killer set. The talk was moderated by journalist Ashley Norris, who among other endeavors, publishes the fantastic Pop Junkie blog, a most read for fans of sixties inspired pop. We had a great Q&A on stage in front of a live audience, where we discussed among other things how an American ended up in England in the eighties, the genesis of Sunset Trip, and what is the correct amount of drugs to take to ensure creative success!

Photo Oct 20, 10 58 07 AM

Photo Oct 20, 5 12 38 PM
Entrance to the secret lair where the EIO40 event took place
Photo Oct 20, 3 18 53 PM
With Arabella at EIO40

Photo Oct 20, 4 00 53 PM

Two days later, I DJed at the Everything Indie Over 40 party in London. One of the other guest DJs was Miki Berenyi from Lush! I met her several times at Lush gigs in the nineties and it was great to catch up. If you’re not familiar with EIO40, it’s a fantastic online community, mostly present on Twitter. It’s highly recommended for fans of eighties and nineties music — you don’t have to be older than 40 to join! It was fantastic catching up with some many people and reminiscing about so many great rock ‘n’ roll moments.

Photo Oct 20, 7 33 42 PM
At the Columbia Hotel where I stayed several times in the nineties.
Photo Oct 20, 6 54 59 AM
London neighborhood I can’t afford
Photo Oct 21, 7 24 54 AM
At the Ukrainian embassy!



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